Working with Local Mayor and Shepherds

  It is not an easy task to convince the local mayors of many Bulgarian villages that neutering dogs and cats is the way to control the stray animal population. There are still out-dated, in-grained attitudes to neutering as well as the fact that many villagers simply cannot afford to have their dog or cat neutered or they are worried about the safety of the operation and cannot afford to have a working dog out of action for any period of time. And if a dog is lucky enough not to live its life on a chain then it is often free to roam around the village, leading to uncontrolled breeding when bitches are in season. However, slowly attitudes are beginning to change and we are pleased to report that the local mayor in Candy’s village recently agreed to have his own working sheepdog castrated and a local shepherd also agreed to allow us to spay his working bitch. And these two men together persuaded another young guy to have his sheepdog spayed, even though originally he refused as wanted to breed from it. We hope that by working with the local population and using a local vet we can slowly but surely change attitudes and steadily neuter more village and stray dogs. We are also aiming to bring in those skilled in up to date neutering techniques to work with local vets and train them. However, we do require ongoing funding for this campaign. It costs 25 Euros to have a bitch spayed and 17 Euros for a male dog to be castrated.

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