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We are [happily] starting to get emails and calls from others in Bulgaria, asking how they can help with neutering campaigns or how they can organise such neutering program in their local area.

Currently the specific areas we can help in are:

  • Smoylan & Pamporovo area where Candy from Little Angels Rescue Bulgaria lives. We are happy to arrange for stray and village dogs and cats from this area to be collected and taken to the free castration clinic in Plovdiv and then return these animals to where they came from.
  • Dryanovo municipality where Emma & Anthony live and operate. In this region, the municipality has offered to pay towards some of the neutering and Emma and Anthony have the support of their local mayor and a good vet. Collection and return of stray and village dogs can be arranged.
  • Kazanlak region, Stara Zagora and Chirpan regions – Rachel & Pete live near Kazanlak and are happy to arrange to take stray and Bulgarian owned village dogs for neutering and return them to where they came from.

If you are not in one of these areas but would still like to help by organising the neutering of stray and village dogs and cats, then there are now a number of organisations and clinics that offer free neutering:

  • Close to the centre of Plovdiv, near the exhibition hall, there is now a free castration clinic, run by a German organisation. This is for mainly neutering of stray and owned cats in Plovdiv city.
  • Provadia Dogs R Us is a group of volunteers who help at the Provadia municipality shelter and also provide free neutering for street dogs and chained dogs.
  • In Devnya, on the edge of Varna, there is the LuckyHunt foundation offering free neutering
  • In Ruse the German-Bulgarian organisation offer free neutering and they will also collect/return animals if arranged through the village mayor.
  • The clinic of the Four paws foundation in Bankya, near Sofia offers free neutering.
  • Also in Sofia there is The German – Bulgarian castration centre, but they don’t work during the summer season.
  • There is also Animal Rescue Sofia that can help with neutering.

We are more than happy to try and arrange a neutering campaign in your specific area, but this can be a fairly long and involved process as we really need to get permission from the municipality, the local mayor(s) and vets. Many of the vets we have approached or come across are not willing to participate and some even actively oppose the idea of free neutering, as they feel it is taking away a revenue stream from them. We wish to work with local Bulgarian vets, provide training on up to date neutering techniques and do not expect them to work for free, so if you feel you can help organise such an event in your area, please get in touch and we can see what can be arranged.

If you would like to personally get involved with helping TheNeuterNetwork there are a number of ways:-

  • Sponsor a castration – aside from the fuel costs for collecting and returning animals, it costs us between 40 and 120 levs (20 and 60 Euros) per castration
  • Hold a sponsored event or fund-raiser to raise funds to allow us to continue and expand our work.

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